Aquarium Setup/Maintenance

SPEND MORE TIME ENJOYING THE AUARIUM AND LESS TIME CLEANING IT.  Contact us today for a free consultation and quote for aquarium setup and/or maintenance.  We service the majority of both the Illinois and Missouri sides of the Saint Louis metro area.

Services offered:

  • Maintain your existing aquarium.  Proper cleaning, water testing, and maintenance of equipment leads to less algae, a healthier environment, and a more beautiful tank.  We can provide maintenance on a weekly, biweekly, monthly or on-demand schedule.
  • Livestock acquisition.  We can obtain the livestock you want at a fair price.  Optionally we can also quarantine your livestock before introducing it to your aquarium for an extra level of protection.
  • New setup or equipment installation.  We can install the equipment you may already have or get you the aquarium and equipment you need and want at a competitive price.  

Let us know your needs for any aquarium related issues or concerns.

    • Want an aquarium controller, but afraid of the difficulty in setting it up?  Let us install and configure the controller to your requirements and teach you how to use it.
    • Want an RODI system installed in your house or business to reduce the cost and hassle of buying at the store.  We can install it for you and it often pays for itself within the first year.